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"Deb Pasternak is an original....has her own point of view and a sure-fire way to express it. Her songwriting is wry and confident, her singing is blistering, and her band is a tight as a taut rubberband....["Home" is] a highly enjoyable effort by a talented songwriter who knows how to speak her mind." - Dirty Linen

"I played the title track from Deb Pasternak's new album for my wife and asked who it sounded like. Kathy replied, "Natalie Merchant after a B-12 vitamin shot and a power bar." With her passion and breathy sincereity, the Boston-based singer-songwriter instantly makes you feel at home with her appropriately titled album, Home." - Tony Peyser, Santa Monica Mirror

"You're not folk, you're not rock, you're Deb!"
-Juanita, dj WBCN, Boston

"Always invigorating..." -Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

"As an introduction, Dan Torres, soundman for the Lancaster Coffeehouse, read from Deb Pasternak’s press kit,“Deb’s mission is to stay true to her voice and celebrate life; from difficult to easy; hopeless to empowered; empty to full.” commenting that he was touched by what he read. As Pasternak took the stage as Saturday night concert opener, she said, “I’m so glad. I make my own press kit – because I’m so famous – and I’m always afraid people will think I’m hokey but I’m not.” Her songs proved that....
Although Pasternak has been involved in the folk scene in and around Boston for several years, her name is not as familiar as it should be. At Saturday’s concert Pasternak’s voice was surprisingly rich and emotive and her songs were strong and full-bodied. It’s surprising that she is not more in demand. She continued with several more songs and closed with “My Funny Valentine.” Before she left the stage she thanked the Lancaster Coffeehouse for bringing her out saying, “There is an amazing spirit to this place and I’m glad to be a part of it.” As with many openers the set seemed far too short. She was called back for an encore almost as soon as she left the stage. She told the audience she would perform “I’m Going to Stay,” but she laughed and said she was really “going after I finish the song!” Brooks Williams, the featured performer came to the stage a little late saying he had been up in the back telling Pasternak that he was “mesmerized” by her performance." - Sara Barss, The Item (Lancaster, MA)

"....She's also an incredible live act, whether playing with a full band or simply taking over the stage with her guitar, voice and arsenal of great songs. Don't miss seeing her if you get the chance." -John Black, Editor's Pick, Digtal City, Boston

"Regardless of the different musical shadings that her rich and emotive voice takes on, Pasternak is a convincing performer, allowing the sensitivity and passion of her lyrics to carry the weight of the melodies that they come wrapped in."
-AAA Editor's Pick, CMJ Report

"...full and polished....achieving deeper dimension...a unique and attractive style...emotive melodies and dark, sultry backdrops...the perfect tome for her thoughtful lyrics."
-Northeast Performer

"Backed by a solid quartet of veteran Beantown performers, she gives ever-so-slight nods to the drama of blues and jazz forms to create sweet emotionally resonant pop...."One Regret" with it's irresistible melodic lilt and strong vocal performance could very well be the track that assures Pasternak's well deserved signing." - Colin Helms, CMJ, A&R pick

"Lyrics so clever and touching, they’re worth quoting at length...."
-David Avery, CMJ Report

Here's an album that mixes rock, folk, jazz and some of the best songwriting I’ve heard all year!
-Rob Reinhart, Acoustic Cafe

"I'm convinced that 2 or 3 - Deb Pasternak or Jess Klein or Lori McKenna - will break out and become bigger stars, and we'll look back in a few years and see this as a special scene."
-Billboard Magazine, cover story on "Respond"

"Originality that connects."
-Steve Brooks, The Austin Chronicle

"Impossible to pin down, More is an amalgam of many styles given equal weight, which in the end constitutes a style unto itself. Cocktail jazz, coffeehouse folk, Beat be-bop—They’re all here, and They’re woven together around Pasternak’s authentic, everywoman voice."
-Russell Hall, The Performing Songwriter

"Eleven establishes this singer-songwriter as a force to be reckoned with. Pasternak's combined abilities of adept writing and subtly endearing vocal delivery ensure that listeners walk away mentally and emotionally fulfilled...." -Justin Kantor, The Groove, Berklee College

More, released 1997 on Signature Sounds. Produced by Chris Rival (Duke Levine, Carol Noonan, Paul Rishell & Annie Raines), this 15 song CD features Tom West (Jonatha Brooke, Susan Tedeschi), Paul Bryan (Aimee Mann, Catie Curtis), Jay Bellerose (Paula Cole), and Duke Levine (Mary Chapin Carpenter). Additional appearances by Gordon Beadle (Duke Robillard) on saxophone and Scott Aruda on trumpet and Peter Irvine (Cordelia's Dad) and Adam Steinberg (Laurie Sargent Band). "Sweet Addiction" was featured on the 1995 Black Wolf Records compilation, This is Boston - not Austin. 'Walking South was featured on The Album Network's Totally Adult sampler. 'More' is featured on The Performing Songwriter's 'Editor's Choice of Top 12 DIYs, vol 4.

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