Spring 2007


Hi all-

For the first time in years, I am playing wtith the band again. These guys all played on "Home" - and after rehearsing with them, I remembered that we pretty much recorded that whole album live.

I had not given them the tunes beforehand because I like everyone to have the experience of creating the music in the moment.. And geez, playing with these guys again, just brings home how masterfully talented they are. So come on down to Toad. Chris Rival, Richard Gates, and Brian Rothwell.

I'll also be playing in Germany at the end of April. So that will be exciting.

Also, I'm singing in David Champagne's new band as well. That has been really fun.

Send me an email if you've got a query.

Enjoy Spring,



Summer 2006

Okay, the news is that I've started a site.. It's at What's great about this space is that I can have a blog! And I do. So I can keep much more current than having to upload like I do with the news on this site. Also, I have posted my video from "One Regret" on the myspace site as well. Things continue welll - my songwriting group with David and Ellen is going great. We had a nother show at the Lizard Lounge in July. And we will be having more shows shortly. I will be back out in California in October for the Hep C Awareness telethon - and I'm planning to play other dates our on the West coast as well. So that's all for now. Please do visit the myspace site for more current information and to check out the excellent music video for "One Regret." And thanks for visiting!




Happy New Year!  

I am back on the performing and songwriting trail again.   I've been songwriting for the past two months - and have written a few things that I'm proud of.   Getting together with songwriters Dave Champagne, Ellen Cross, and Rose Polenzani and bouncing song ideas off one another.   Soon, I will have the technology to put some of these up on the site - as well as to start putting acoustic versions of my previously published songs out there - something that I know people have been asking me for years.

So, I'll be performing as an opener for the extraordinary talents of my good friend Don White on February 18, 2005 in Raynham, MA.   Please visit my calendar to find out specifics.

Also, I will have a song on the upcoming complation "Folk for Stroke." Sales will benifit an organization to help stroke victimes. There will be a release party in April. Updates will follow.

Also, I want to encourage all folks who read this to get involved politically locally and nationally.   Our representatives are responsible to their constituency, but they won't know what that means until we all call them and tell them what we think they should be doing with our shared resources.

Enough pontification.   Thanks for reading this, I hope that this year is going well for all of you.



Fall 2005

Well, Finally I'm back. This has been quite a year. I had a very unfortunate bout of rheumatoid arthritis. It started in the spring and by early summer I found myself having a difficult time walking.

Now the background on this is that I've had this disease since I was three years old. It is characterized by flares and remissions. I had managed to keep it in remission pretty much since 1997. People ask me how and why. Here's the thing about RA. It affects every person differently and I've even found that each bout responds differently to therapies.

RA is a disease with no "cure" according to Western medicine but there are many theories of how to get better. The first thing Western Medicine has to offer is drugs - and there are many to choose from with different side effects. Because I have been on these drugs on and off since I was a small child, I do my best to avoid them. So I've had to turn to alternative and more holistic therapies.

Anyhow, after eight months of intensive dealing - going on western drugs to calm the flare up - and then searching in many different places for theories and practices of maintaining health in regards to RA, I'm feeling much better. Because I was having difficulties standing and walking, I have not been much up for touring. But I am now ready to start booking some performances for next year.

So, that's where I have been. I really appredciate the inquiries I have gotten from those who were wondering where I had gone. I plan to start putting up some of the songs that I have been writing onto this website - and actually to give the whole site an overhaul. I also will plan to put up some more information about degenerative diseases and what we can all do to support our health.

Finally, I want to add that there are elections coming up shortly in November, and I've got lots of opinions about the Boston area races, and I'll probably be sharing them in the near future.

Enjoy the music!



March 2005

I'm mostly working on booking music and touring - but I've also been learning many songs and writing a lot as well. So things are a bit hectic. I've had to miss a gig this month because of bad airplane kharma. I can't tell you what a bummer that is. I detest missing gigs. This one was at a winery in North Carolina. I'm quite lucky that local John Shain covered the show for me.

But the good news is that I just got back from Folk Alliance in Montreal. That's a yearly conference for people who work perfomring, booking and promoting acoustic and folk musics. I'm always excited by some music I see there, and this year I was mesmerized by Billy Jonas' performance. I highly recommend you go see him.

There is a new mp3 store on the net. It's dedicated exclusively to cdbaby artists. You can buy mp3's of my music at It's a brand new website, you should check it out. Speaking of which, back to booking and writing, check back in soon! - Best, Deb

February: Want to hear something fun? Watch Joan of Arcadia on Friday, February 25 and you'll hear my music in the background - while she's working in the book store. Pretty cool. These kinds of gigs are very cool for me.

In other news, I'm busy doing booking and promotion for 2005-2006 and I'm actually having a really good time doing both. I guess it's because the promoters in this biz are mostly really great people. No one is getting rich here - but people are getting live music. Which is really good for the soul.

Now, I know that's a cliche - everyone likes to say how music is good for the soul. But I will reiterate here - live music is good for the soul. The movement through us of the frequencies - emotionally, physically and mentally - helps us release some of the stuff we are holding onto in our bodies and spirits. I really believe that. Nothing can replace the feeling of going to see live music that moves us. And here I get to my next point - if it moves you, then move!

I can't tell you how much I love an audience that claps or whoops or smiles or laughs back at me while I'm playing. I know when I'm an audience member I'm often one of the loudest egging the musicians on. It makes us play better - and it makes you even more part of the show. I don't know if most people understand how important the audience is in a performance. Musical performances don't happen to you, they happen with you.

Different from TV. It's a dialog.

Anyhow, enough philosophizing. I'll do more of that when I talk with you in person!






January 2005

Hi all-

Happy New Year!

What do I want this year? World peace would be great...or my country at peace with the middle east would be great...or at least feeding and clothing and sheltering and teaching everyone to read and think critically would be nice.

I'll be changing the format of this page to more journal-istic with regular entries over the next month. So check back for details. In the meantime, keep checking out this link for more solo performances - I am getting close to releasing a solo cd. It'll happen this year.

Peace and Comfort for All in 2005,




Hi all-

I finally figured out how to record in my home studio and put songs up on my website. So if you want to hear live acoustic songs, I'll be putting new ones up periodically. You can now go to and click on "Tear it Down" to download an MP3 version of that song.

I just came off a really great month that included a wonderful trip through North Carolina, the Boston Folk Festival, and also a great show in NJ with Chris Smither. It's really been a great time performing, and welcome to all of you who recently joined the email list.

The Folk Festival was really fun - especially the in the round that I played with Dar Williams, johnsmith and John Flynn. We all played cover tunes, and John Flynn just blew me away with his renditions of This Land is My Land. He's a singer with something to say in a way that few can. I really recommend catching him on his upcoming Phil Ochs tour.

My band has really come together beautifully over the past six months, and we'll be down at Toad again on this Wednesday at 7 pm with Chris Rival, Richard Gates and Billy Beard. Hopefully, we will record some of the music this week on video and I'll be able to put a clip on the web, so those of you not in the area can hear what I'm crowing about.

Other good news, my venerable agent, Sean La Roche, has joined forces with the Granata Agency. It's great news for me as the larger agency affords more contacts, and people power.

Also, I am doing some performances for the Hep C Coalition at NEMO in Boston this weekend. For information about Hep C, please visit

That's all folks, if you want a more in depth account, check out the news section on my website, or as always, just email and ask.

Hoping all's well wherever you are, Deb




Summer 2004

Summer really is my favoirte time of year. I started the summer out down in North Carolina and West Virginia, where I was really fortunate to have an amazing trip in wonderful small venues in those parts of the country. I came back and then got to play in Farmington, CT at a wonderful poetry series. That performance was with the band, Billy Beard, Chris Rival and Richard Gates, and it was really wonderful to be playing with all of them again. You'll be able to catch us at Toad in August again. And then I'll be back down in the South in September.

I am working on writing new material at the same time as learning old songs. I've been really enjoying putting together arrangements of tunes Patsy Cline sang, and will be doing more American roots music over the summer, hopefully to put some samples up on this website soon.

If you are interested in booking me at a private party, please do contact me (, I do love to do them.

I've also been very busy doing organizing for the campaign season this summer and fall. I don't usually write my politics up on my site (minus a few links on the links page) but I thoroughly believe that we have to be a more informed and active electorate if we want to have our leadership reflect our values. I have been terribly disappointed that government is justifying so much policy on religious dogma - removing the analysis and critical thought behind crucial decisions. To use faith to justify bigotry is simply destructive.

So if you care to change this trend in American politics, get involved. Make a difference. Work for peace and social/ecomonic justice. It's a big goal, but enormously invigorating to be connected and engaged.

Still writing lovesongs,




April 2004

Major League Baseball is back. The first lefty talk radio network ever is trying to make a go of it. And I'm on a crazy road schedule this month. For one myopic moment, things seem to be swinging into some sort of balance...

First things first, i've been bringing the band back to Toad. This spring, we've got Billy Beard, Lou Ulrich and Chris Rival in the line-up, and it's been great to see those of you who've made it to the club. If you've still never been to Toad, you really ought to think about going. There's never a cover, and most any night you will walk in on a scene of great music in a bar full of grown ups who like good music. It's really an anomaly as far as bars go. So if you're frightened of going to bars, let Toad in Cambridge be your first.

I will be playing a full set solo on April 14 at the Lizard Lounge here in Cambridge. It should be a great night, as I play early before Dennis Brennan's band gets going. I'm also out doing the folk thing as well. Folk is such a loaded word. And it's really all very silly. You see, in the late 80's I worked on Pete Seeger's Clearwater - that is I sang songs and hauled sails and educated children in the name of the restoration and preservation of the Hudson River. I also was written up as an activist in my highschool for doing things like starting recycling programs and environmental lecture series during the Reagan era. And then post 9-11 I volunteered copious hours to organizing my neighborhood politically.

Ok, so all that stuff kind of pegs me as a folkie - or a punk rocker - depending on your leanings. But the acoustic guitar and Pete Seeger affiliation happens to put me at the folk end. I'm fine with that. Until people start thinking that means that I can't rock out. Then I just get surly. Not quite Courtney Love surly. I don't slur my words enough. Surly not slurly.

So let me just say this once and for all. Political music knows no genre. And good music knows all genres.

I'm playing a bunch of shows this month in the Northeast. Please visit here to see the schedule.

Thanks for stopping by!



March 2004

Hi Folks!

I just got back from a fantastic trip to San Diego where I partook in the North American Folk Alliance Conference. For those who have never been, it is an annual five day gathering for the folk/acoustic music industry, held in a different city every February. Artists, promoters, agents and other industry types all converge for a non-stop jam in a hotel somewhere around the continent. I find it immensely helpful for networking, finding others in the biz and connecting with them musically and emotionally.

Anyhow, this year as an extra, Freebo invited me up to LA to his annual Tuesday night show in North Hollywood (NoHo) called Kulak's woodshed. You can find it live on the web at 8 - 11 pm pacific time on Tuesdays at It's an extremely cool scene, and I'd recommend all and any to give it a listen and visit if you are out in the area.

Also, one of my songs from "Home" is being featured on the All Songs Considered "Open Mic" Show. You can visit the site at Check it out. And you can rate the song if you like as well.

I just had a wonderful evening opening a show for Brooke Williams out at the Lancaster Coffeehouse in Lancaster, MA. It is a very community centered venue, and really inspirational on that level. I definitely recommend checking out the venue and their calendar if you live in the area. It is really well run, by a great group of people.

I'm getting the band going again and will be at Toad in Cambridge on March 10 and 31 this month from 7 - 9 pm. I'm also working on writing songs and starting to figure out which songs will be on my next cd -which will be live and acoustic. And as always, working on booking.

So that's the latest. Questions? Comments? Email me.

Thanks for visiting!




Winter 2004

Happy New Year!

I'm busy at work here writing new material, and setting up my touring schedule for as far into the future as I can go. Over the next few months, you will see dates added, and if you join the email list, you will get reminders of when I am performing. I have a couple of albums that I'm trying to write over the next two to three months. So it's intensive here in my apartment. But it is the most significant writing I've done since 2000, and I will start posting some of the material on the site as well as performing it at shows.

"Home" continues to garner great reviews, and I continue to be very proud of it. Again, it has yet to go to radio, as I can't quite oome to terms with the amount of money I have to cough up to do it. But you'll be the first to know when it does go out there. In the meantime, you can hear some songs at Radio Paradise and also at RadioIO, or listen to them right here on the site.

Once again, in this New Year, I pray for peace. I hope that everyone has a chance to look into themselves and create peace in their own corner of the world, and the courage to ask for peace in their larger communities.

May 2004 bring us peace, compassion, respect, and love for all beings,

Deb Pasternak



Fall 2003

I've been up and down the eastern seaboard a bunch this fall, and have really been enjoying performing. Particularly, I enjoyed playing with Paul Geremia on the night of Game 3 of the ALCS playoffs in Pawtucket, RI. But they've all been special shows to where they were.

I have still not sent "Home" out to radio. The reasoning behind that decision is about the state of the music business these days. After talking with a number of radio promoters and friends of mine at record labels, they all advised me that this fall was a particularly difficult time to do so. This was in large part because of the great volume of records being sent to radio in the fall - setting up for the Christmans market. There were simply too many other artists for an independent and relatively unknown artist like myself to compete with.

So I've gotten some great print reviews, which I'll start posting on the site, but I haven't actually "released" the cd as of yet. I do have the cd on the internet at a few internet radio stations. You can hear some songs at Radio Paradise and also at RadioIO.

For those of you who have not heard "Home," it is the cd I'm most proud of. The songwriting spans a characteristicly wide range of genres. Fact is, I listen to many different kinds of music, and I really enjoy the process of producing my songs fully in the styles for which they are written. And that is all a very beautiful ideal until I have the finished product which I need to market in the American music industry. Radio and record stores are still very divided into narrow genres of music - and my cds get hung up between folk, rock, pop and americana divides. This is compounded by the fact that there's a ballad produced like a 1940's lounge song on "Home" as well.

So I realize at times, this broadness renders my work confusing to the music industry from a marketing standpoint, but I know that it is not confusing to the music audience. This is the beauty of the internet. As I can directly reach an audience with my work. Most of what I create (as the artist does) are reflections of the world I live in from an emotional and mindful place. I've put three songs as MP3's up for your listening, but there is much more to this record than those songs.

If you'd like to hear more, email me, I can send you some MP3's. If you like what you hear, buy the cd and give it to a friend. Hopefully "Home" will be sent to radio and released officially this winter, but right now I'm still working that through.

In the meantime I am working on making a solo recording over the next six weeks. Look for those MP3's up on the site early in the new year.

Thanks for listening and reading and do contact me with questions.

Best wishes for the holidays,







August 2003


The summer is drawing to a close and I've just gotten notice that I've been nominated for a Boston Music Award for Outstanding Female Singer-songwriter! This is great news for me - after the past few years of pulling back from my career, it really means so much to get the recognition from my community as I come back into this full time again.

The plans for releasing "Home" continue to well, develop. First news is that I will be performing a bunch this fall, and am still actively booking to fill up as much of my schedule as I can over this coming season. I will be releasing a single from the cd in early september to radio stations in towns where I will be traveling in the next few months - this means up and down the east coast and the northwest, and everywhere else between where I have the chance to perform. It's like the big boys do... here's "The Race" the single from Deb Pasternak's cd "Home" that will be released on November 11.

In the meantime, I'm writing again, working towards the next cd, and looking forward to seeing you on tour this fall!


Deb Pasternak



June/July 2003

Hi, Folks!

These past months have been great, I've had many wonderful opportunities for performances. Some of the opportunities have included opening slots at great venues across the country - I opened for John Hiatt in Lebanon, NH, Iris Dement in Greenville, SC, East Mountain South in Philadelphia, Guy Davis in Great Barrington, MA and Maggie and Suzzy Roche in Berkeley, CA. It's been really amazing to play for such large and attentive audiences and I really feel blessed to have been performing in such great situations.

I've also been enjoying my chances this past month to give solo performances in good listening rooms. I had a great time at the Hardware Cafe which is in New Bedford, MA, and also at Happy Endings in Syracuse, NY and at Hallenbeck's in Los Angeles. I also had a wonderful performance at magical venue called the First Encounter Coffeehouse in Eastham, MA in June.

I also had a great time at Kelly's Music Video Party performing in studio on the internet. She showed my video "One Regret" and then I played a few songs from the new cd live. If you'd like to see the performance and video, you can visit Music Video Party and watch an archived copy of the show. From Kelly's show, a video program out of New York City saw my video and is now playing it on various internet and cable stations over the month of July. The times now listed are as follows:

Access Central TV has slotted "One Regret", to air on the second-season finale, which is scheduled to air: July 7, from 9-10 pm on July 9 and 10 on Cablevision in Long Island [July 9 in Nassau County; July 10 in western Suffolk County] July 31 on Cablevision in eastern Suffolk County and Sept. 16 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, which airs on Time Warner's cable system in the New York City borough of Manhattan, as well as online at To find out more about this episode, you can visit It has a vidcap of Deb being cuffed.

Also, please support, a great internet station that's been playing the "Home" since March!

After performing a whole bunch, I am back in Boston at home, setting up performances for the fall and later this summer. Please check the calendar for dates because these days many shows get added last minute and I'm sure to be doing more over the next months than currently listed.

While "Home" is available for your consumption, it will not be officially released until early fall. In the meantime, I am busy getting it 'out there' (with the help of various and sundry) for reviews and also for a possible label. For one thing, I am showing all those good industry folks that while I may have quit music, I have since unquit - soundly - and am very much enjoying being back in the fray. And you all by coming to the shows and playing the music for friends, are helping me to create the industry's favorite phenomenon - "buzz." In fact, we've got our first published review by Joe Viglione at the All Music Guide:

If you have bought "Home", and are enjoying it, and want to help me out, please visit cdbaby at this link, and write a review! Also besides being for sale on the website and at my shows, if you live in Boston, you can pick up a copy of 'Home' at my local cd and book store, Rhythm and Muse which is located in Jamaica Plain. You can also purchase it in Horizon Books in Greenville, SC. And it'll be in more stores soon. If you want to know if it's available near you, you can always drop me an email.

Also, Chris Rival and I have been working on a new song - that we'll put up on the website soon. It's a song I wrote about the message - "United We Stand" and it's titled "Divided We Fall." That should be up shortly, as well as some live clips from some of the performances I've done over the past month.

As always, thanks for visiting, please get involved in our Democracy. Everyone makes a difference whether it is through action or inaction. So please if you are going to have impact in this world, make it through your action as opposed to your disconnection.

If you've got questions or comments, please drop me a line!

See you soon, Deb


April/May 2003


We've had a blast playing at Toad - the live pictures up on the site are from performances at the little club with the band. Thanks for coming out over the past six weeks! It's been really fun for all of us.

Plans are forming as the spring slowly but surely hits New England around the official release of the new cd. "Home" is being shopped to labels as we speak. In the meantime, I am shoring up touring plans for the month of May. I'll be starting out down in North Carolina and South Carolina, heading to upstate New York, and then I'll be out in California for a few dates towards the end of the month. For more information, please visit the calendar.

Regardless of which label "Home" comes out on - it will be officially released to radio and around the country in the early fall. These days, the way that the music industry is run, it's actually quite beneficial to spend a few months in the "pre-release" stage - this allows the booking agents and radio station music directors to get acquainted with the cd and music before it gets promoted out to the general public. Most importantly, it allows you, the fans of the music, to pass it around to friends before it hits general stores.

Meanwhile, we are hard at work filling up the calendar for fall touring in support of the cd. Please join the email list to get updates on when and where I will be appearing nationally.

For now, if you're interested in buying "Home" or any of my other cds, please visit the record store. Want to hear the broadcast of some of the new music? It's been picked up by this wonderful internet radio station called This is an excellent interactive radio station which has amazing playlists of which I am very proud to be a part. They allow people to request, review and rate the musict, so please, go, check it out, request and review my new music!

Again, thanks for visiting and send an email anytime.




February/March 2003

The new cd "Home" is in stock! To order a copy, please visit the record store. We're also doing Wednesdays at Toad from 7 - 9 pm starting on March 19 and running through April. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to get the band performing together regularly and for you to come check out the new songs live! "Home" is available at the shows as well. For the full concert schedule, please visit the calendar.

Want to hear the broadcast of some of my new music? It's been picked up by this wonderful internet radio station called This is an excellent interactive radio station which has amazing playlists of which I am very proud to be a part. They allow people to request, review and rate the musict, so please, go, check it out, request and review my new music!

We've also reinstated the guestbook. Please stop by and introduce yourself. If you've got questions for me, you can post them there and I'll post back. You can also put up a review of "home" there if you have had a chance to listen.

The other great news is that I've started working with a new booking agent. Sean La Roche. Sean is a veteran is the business, and more than that he really gets what I'm about here... I feel quite lucky to be getting this going with him.

Also, I'll be attending SXSW in Austin this year. I'll be showcasing on Saturday, March 15 at 6:00 pm at ArtZ. I'm still looking for more showcases down there, so if anyone knows of anything, contact me.

More great news... I'll be working with publicist Emily Lichter over the next few months in promotion of my touring and the new cd, "Home." Emily is really good at what she does, and that's a big help to me when it comes to promotion.

I'll be giving a guitar workshop on Sunday, March 23rd in Boston. I'll teach some of my songs and the a little of the music theory behind the chord voicings that I use. This particular workshop is open to the public, there will be space for eight people, and it's first come first serve. To find out more, please contact David Blackburn. If people are interested in hosting concerts, songwriting or guitar workshops in their homes, please contact me, I'm always happy to set those kinds of performances/workshops up.

As always people, be active in our Democracy. If you have an opinion about world events or domestic policy, let your representatives know. It does make a difference. They will not know what concerns you until you contact their offices and tell them.



January 2003

Happy New Year! Wow, it's already been jam-packed this year. I performed last week to a crowd of about 400 in Shelburne Falls, MA when I opened for Ferron. It was really great to hear her playing songs that I had played over the years for friends and back when I did cover gigs on Block Island.

Anyhow, I had a wonderful experience during the first weekend of January when I attended the Future of Music Coalition Summit in Washington DC. FMC is an organization that is dedicated to education and advocacy around issues of the music industry and how things are shifting not only in the digital media, but also in terms of corporate ownership of much of the US distribution networks for music.

For more information about FMC, please visit Amongst the highlights of this conference was listening to Vernon Reid talking about the state of the music industry, and also hearing Senator Russ Feingold (D - WI) speaking about why keeping the public airwaves diverse is vital to our democracy.

There was much discussion about figuring out how to pay artists, given that most of our music is available for free on the internet whether or not we like it. I also learned that the US does not participate in an international performer's royalty agreement (WIPO) that compensates musicians as well as songwriters for the public use of their recordings.

I'll be writing more about these issues over the coming months, but if any of this interests you, please visit FMC's website. It's well done and really informative.

On the business note, the cd "Home" is finished - and awaiting duplication which should be done by the end of February. I am currently working on booking and setting up dates for tours.

"Home" is already being played in a couple of places - starting to generate the buzz... If you'd like to hear it programmed in public, you can go visit where it has already been added to the playlist, and you can request a song, rate it, and make comments.

That's all for now. I'll write more in the near future. As always, if you've got questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email me.



December 2002

Dear Friends,

You may have wondered: what happened to Deb last year? Here's the full story:

After flying on American Airlines during the early hours of Sept. 11, 2001 into Boston Logan, I took a break from music.

Similar to many of us, I was regrouping to figure out where and how I wanted to be living my life. I had never chosen to be a musician. It’s a long story, but I was really sick and not able to walk very well about twelve years ago - music was what made me sane at that time, but not what I felt like I was supposed to be doing.

After watching so many friends start families and make money in the 90’s, I did not feel very valuable culturally. So I quit pursuing music to figure this out. I took grad school courses; I got involved in my community; I spent alot of time with my newborn niece; and in the midst of that I found that music is what resonates most deeply with my heart.

That was huge. I realized it’s not about having to do music, but about choosing to do what feels most deeply satisfying, and to accept the realities of that lifestyle in return for the gift of the pursuit. The most apt metaphor I found to illustrate this - is that when you choose to be in the desert, don't expect it to rain. Kind of obvious... but quite powerful.

And so, the new cd “HOME” is just about completed. I am booking national tours starting in April in support of the cd, and I do believe it is the best cd I’ve made yet. I'm working on getting the work out there, and I look forward to seeing you over the next year. As always, if you have questions or just want to say hello, email me. Thanks for your support!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year.


Fall 2002

Hey everybody,

It's been brought to my attention that it is no longer summer anymore... Hence, I guess it's time to tell you all what's up this fall. Most excitingly for me, I'm back to performing again! I've been performing mostly in the Northeast (as you can see from my schedule) and in Boston with the band. It's been wonderful for me to get back into it, and thanks to everyone who's been coming to the shows.

Another good bit of news is that I'm getting web help this fall from Doug Seib. We are designing an update to this site that will feature some more interactive features, including a clip from my 2000 music video "One Regret" and also a bulletin board for questions and answers, and a shopping cart so that you can purchase items from this site through PayPal.

And the other good news is that the new CD is very much moving along. All the music is completed, minus mastering, and the artwork (thanks to Liz Linder) is well on its way. So we may have pre-release copies available for Christmas, and the CD will be nationally released in March.

Meanwhile, I continue to spend my time getting my booking and promotion skills in gear. If you have any suggestions of venues where you'd like to see me play in your area, please email me directly.

Well, that's about all folks. I look forward to seeing you out on the road!



Summer 2002

Hello everyone,

What a beautiful summer in Boston! I'm having the time of my life. There's all kinds of news to report. I guess the most important is that the mixes for the new CD are finished. I'm really happy and proud of the way it sounds and will be putting a few of those songs up on the site soon.

I've decided once again to tour and perform full time. After September 11, I had stopped booking and eventually performing for many reasons. Some of it was accumulated burnout, and ultimately, I needed to reevaluate my choice to spend my life traveling and performing. It's been a great year; I've been able to become much more involved in my community, and to enjoy the roots I've established after ten years of living in the same Boston neighborhood. So it's been a wonderful year, but I am looking forward to traveling and performing again.

As far as releasing the new CD goes. There are a few things I've got to put into place before I can release it. The first is touring and promotion. I need to book comprehensive tours for most of the US, and have started that process. As always I love hearing suggestions of venues from you. The second is artwork, which is always difficult for me, but we'll start getting that done in the early fall. And finally promotion and distribution. This means I need to set up channels of distribution - whether through a record label or on my own - and I need to figure out who will be promoting it nationally through press and radio. These are all processes that are evolving, and future newsletters will keep you apprised on those fronts.

As always, I love to hear from you all. And if you are interested in knowing when I'm going to be performing in your area, please don't hesitate to join the email list.

Enjoy the summer,


April 2002

Dear Everybody,

Happy New Year! I guess it took me a long time to get there... Well, I'm back again on the music prowl. After September 11, I stopped booking at all. Only recently have I started again to say "yes" when people call me to play shows. So the good news is that I've got two performances set up for May. I'll be at the Natick Center for the Performing Arts on Thursday May 2nd and I'll be performing with Richard Gates outside at Franklin Park in Jamaica Plain on Saturday, May 11 around noon.

The other good news is that Chris Rival is working his magic with the cd and we should have it mastered at the end of this month. If I've learned one thing over the past seven months, it is that I truly love playing and recording music... So I'm looking forward to performing more over the next year, and to releasing this new cd.

I so appreciate the emails that I get from people wondering about what's up with my music and when I'll be performing next -solo and with the band. Please keep checking in with the website, I'll be posting more information over the next few months.

Thanks, and again, email me with questions and comments, and just to say hi.



December 2001

Happy Holidays everyone, I'm sorry to be posting this missive so late. Usually I'm more organized at holiday time, but this year, the season swept up on me...

Chris Rival and I are intensely at work on the new cd, which is perilously close to done. I'm really proud of it, and consider this body of work, and its production, our strongest yet.

As for shows in the new year, I stopped working on booking and promotion for the past few months, so there's not much lined up. However, my friends, I love performing music, so rest assured, I'll be back later in 2002 and if you are on the list, you'll be receiving those calendar updates.

I've written some thoughts around the tragedies of September 11, the ensuing war, and our place in the mix. You can read them directly below.

I thank you all for your support and well wishes, it means the world to me, and wish you all the best during this holiday season, and throughout the new year.

Best wishes, deb


thoughts at the close of 2001:

Wow, it's hard to believe that this year isn't over yet, this has to be the longest year I've experienced since I was about six years old. I am more pensive at this year's close than in the past; with the bombing in Afghanistan and the obvious confusion and violence that colors our daily lives.

Thinking of September 11, I am awestruck by the clear messages of love that came from the victims of the tragedy. They sent no messages or phone calls of retribution and violence; they gave to us all actions and voices of love. And it is in their spirit, so generously proffered, that I pray for world peace. We have born witness to the tragedy of senseless violence in a truly profound spectacle. Now I believe that we can best honor those deaths by resisting the escalation of violence and senseless death.

This means to examine our lives to see where we are adding to the confusion and chaos locally and internationally. What does it mean to drop bombs and food at the same time? When, if ever, is violence the appropriate response to a repressive regime? When, if ever, is murdering innocents the appropriate response to murdering innocents? How do we, as a people and nation, act with clarity when so many of our individual views are in conflict with another?

That final question there, that's the beauty of the ideal of this nation. Two days after September 11, I got on the Boston T (subway system) to travel downtown. Something I do quite regularly without much thought towards the ethnicity of the other folks in the car. But that day I looked around at the eight other people who were sharing the 12 seat sectional in which I sat. There was a young asian woman, an older asian man, an older black man, there was a man of middle eastern descent, a woman in full muslim dress, there was a latino man and woman, there was myself and a white man. Ironically, there was the absence of the native american - the original inhabitant and victim of genocide in this area. But my god, still, I thought, what an amazing country that we work so hard to tolerate and even - yes - respect each other in dialogue about the wrongs of the past.

How can we best act in this situation to change it for the better? How do we want to be remembered when future generations look back upon our actions? Think about these questions, discuss them with your friends and family. When you have clear ideas, send them to the president, or to Colin Powell, or to your representatives or to your local paper. Despite corporate interests and political machines, this is still a democracy and we each play a vital role.

I wish the best to you and your loved ones this holiday season and throughout the New Year,

Peace on earth, with love,


November 2001

Dear Everybody,

Chris Rival and I are back in the studio trying to finish up the cd...meanwhile, I, desperately study for the GRE exam as I get ready to go back to graduate school. I guess September 11 affected me by making me want to stay around home a little bit more. I'll still be organizing gigs and trips here and there, but with an MA I should be able to stay around home more and find some steady local work that feels meaningful.

If you've got questions or have any comments, feel free to email me. Hope you are well.




I want to take this space to send my deepest condolences to anyone who has lost family or friends in tuesday's terrible tragedy. in this time of raw emotion and hurt, i ask for the practice of creating tolerance and respect for each other's differences. the depth of shock and sorrow that we are experiencing as a people is certainly unprecedented in my lifetime and the implications of all we are experiencing will not be understood for some time. the best we can ask is to cultivate patience and love for each other's processes of grief and shock and anger.

there are many immigrants living in america right now who have recently escaped war zones in what were their homes. they are the first to caution the escalation of war and to beg those who have political and media power to speak of maintaining peace while serving justice. let's take some lessons from these veterans.

life in america is living with a freedom and justice that many others in this world do not have the privilege to share. let's allow this horrific event to show how powerful we can be: as a nation where people of many ethnic and spiritual backgrounds work to coexist in respect for each other's freedom; as a community where we learn to live with differences amongst us; and as a place where we try to serve justice in the name of peace.

love, deb

July 2001
Happy Summer everyone!

I'm just getting ready to go back into the little black void we affectionately call the studio, as Chris Rival and I work to finish up the next cd. This one, like the previous two, is pretty diverse in sound, and really has some awesome performances by the talented band I recorded with.

Meanwhile, "eleven" is still reaping acclaim and recognition out there in the audio world. We recently had a great new review posted by Joe Viglione at And just this month I've been added as musician of the month at - the following is excerpted from the letter I got from their music director, Marc Lemay:

Hi Deb - Its my pleasure to announce that we've named you the Musician of the Month for July...despite being 4 days into the month... We'll be adding 5 songs from Eleven: - One Regret - Reading The Signs - Bitter - Another Runaround - Flood As a result of our automation system, we'll also be setting up a lead in promo which will be heard by all who listen to iMassRadio promoting that you are the musician of the month. Keep up the great work - and keep us informed. -Marc Lemay

So listen up to their station!

Also, I'm really looking forward to the month of Wednesdays we'll be performing at Toad in August. We'll be doing the early spot (from 7 - 9 pm). And I'm also really glad to be back in both Philadelphia and New York City next month as well! Last month I had a wonderful performance up in Syracuse NY at the Westcott Community Center and I am looking forward to getting back there to perform this fall.

I am currently busy setting up performances for the fall, so stay tuned, it looks like I'll be out on the road visiting near you soon! (as long as you're in the states)

Well, the news appears brief this month, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me, I look forward to hearing from you!

thanks for stopping by!


May 2001

Hello Everyone,

First off, for news, I wanted to let you all know that the film video of "one regret" is being broadcasted every monday during the month of May on the internet at during Kelly's Music Video Party ( which airs mondays from 8-9 pm eastern time, and 5-6 west coast time... and the appropriate times in between. The show is listenable through RealPlayer software and I will be in the chat room at the station during the broadcasts.

The video was made locally in boston by alex rapp, and features a story line that he wrote to go along with the song. I love this video, so please check it out...

With the end of the college semester, "eleven"'s promotion at college radio is now officially over. We received radio play at over 150 stations nationally and in canada. many thanks to those of you who requested the music, played the music, and joined my email list through the website. Overall, "eleven" has received radio play at over 200 stations nationally, and also been played on the nationally syndicated "acoustic cafe" program, and also a bunch of play on internet stations as well... not bad for an independent release!

Also, I'll be doing a live internet interview on at 5 pm on June 5.

I've got another record that's almost recorded and hope to be releasing that later this year. So that's the abbreviated news this month... You want to know more? Read last month's news immediately below!

Hope you're well and if you've got questions or comments, send me a note!



April 2001

Hey everyone!

This past month has been really exciting for me. The record is doing really well, now into its 4th week at national College Radio. Thanks to all of you who continue to request it at your local stations. To find out where it's being played now, visit here and please continue those calls, just like emailing your senators, these calls make a difference.

Powderfinger Promotions out of Boston is handling the radio promotion for the record to college stations nationally. They're doing a great job. Four weeks into it I have 75 ads and only 2 passes. That's pretty good odds, and I'm really thankful that the Music Directors at the stations who are taking the time to listen to the music and support it.

Probably one of the most exciting places where my music is finding heavy airplay is at a cable radio station out of Los Angeles called DMX1. This station pipes music through cable subscription into retail venues and outlets across the country. So you might hear my music in the grocery store, in a gift shop, or in a bar throughout the United States. They're playing a few different cuts off "eleven." Fantastic exposure - I've heard reports of my music sandwiched next to Paul Simon, KD Laing, Bonnie Raitt and others. So that's really exciting, and actual royalty checks as well.

The other exciting place I've been finding airplay is on ABC soaps. I'm still waiting for that cameo opportunity on General Hospital!

Okay, my weak link is still booking, it's just not my favorite pastime. But I've been getting help recently from Matt Connarton at Impact Player Music. It is also very helpful to me if you mail suggestions of a venue or houseconcert in your town. Hopefully the weak link will grow stronger because I love performing and connecting with you guys in person.

I had a wonderful performance in Berkeley CA early this month in celebration of the Wildfire compilation cd. The cd itself is fantastic and I highly recommend it. Sales are in support of KPFA radio and Rose Street House of Music. The cd itself is a really strong collection of tunes featuring Melissa Crabtree, Shelly Doty, Melissa Malone, Boston's own Kris Delmhorst and many other great tracks.

I also had a really great time performing with my band at a wonderful club in Great Barrington, MA called Club Helsinki. To read a review of my band performance there, click here. The club itself is really incredible place and the people there are the kind that make it worth it to be a performer. Really a great place, check it out if you're passing through the Berkshires.

Also thanks to all who came out to the Lounge on March 9. Despite the weatherman's dire predictions we had a full house and a fun show. Thanks to those hearty New Englanders that don't let the weatherman's fear of snow keep them indoors.

As far as sales of "eleven" are going, they're holding steady but I would like to see them climb some more. Ways to help that don't cost you a dime are: 1) talk it up - or post some of the tunes - on line 2) write a review of the cd and post it at either CDBaby or

Well, here's hoping that I see you soon. Join the email list if you would like direct announcements about when I'll be in your part of the country. Buy the cds if you want to give the music to friends or to yourself. And if you've got questions or suggestions, email me, your input is always helpful.

Hope the spring is treating you well,


February/March 2001


Hey everyone!

We'll be back at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge with the band on Friday, March 9!

It's been a very busy month at my promotion and booking company in Boston, Dane Street Artists.

The major agenda that we've accomplished is sending "eleven" out to over 250 college radio stations. "Eleven" has been played at AAA non-commercial stations for over 2 months now, and although reception has been very positive, the format is quite limited in terms of number of stations and hours of programming. By sending to college radio, I am raising the number of stations we sent to by about 300%.

I will be posting a larger list of stations where you can request "eleven" shortly. You can check it out by visiting here. Again, your calls to request the music really make a difference. And I appreciate those of you who have been doing so.

Also, "eleven" has been added to the nationally syndicated "acoustic cafe" program out of Ann Arbor which is heard on hundreds of stations nationally.

Another place "eleven" has been finding ears is at internet stations. One of the music directors at had this to say about the cd:

Deb...thanks so much for your submission of "Eleven" for airplay consideration on Spinner. I am a firm believer of playing only the best of the best on my channels, and I love the opportunity to showcase unknown artists. I really enjoyed the cd and I have added "One Regret," "Willomena," "Message for the Moon," "Bullfights," and "Eclipse" to our Female Focus channel. I am also passing the cd on to our AAA (adult album alternative) and folk/new acoustic programmers for consideration. Congrats!
- Cameo Carlson, Rock Music Director,

So the main focus this past month has been finding places to put the album so more people can listen to it. I heard "Reading the Signs" over the loudspeaker in my local grocery last week. I was placed between Joan Armatrading and K.D. Laing so that was a tremendous thrill for me. I kept looking at all the other people in the store thinking, "guess what! that's me!" But of course, it was my own little secret.

When you hear music in stores, it is usually a subscription service through cable stations. This is another great way for independent artists to get their music heard.

I want to thank those of you who posted reviews on-line. If you are so inclined, it is a tremendous help and you can post them at or at

I'm currently in my former hometown of LA visiting friends, and enjoying this amazing city. I'll be performing as a guest on Tuesday night, February 26 at the Genghis Cohen Cantina on Fairfax with my good friend and great songwriter Patrick Vernon. I'll be singing back up with him, doing a couple of my own songs, and mostly hanging out. I look forward to seeing some of you there.

As always, your continued support is very appreciated. Questions? Comments? Don't hesitate to email me!

As always, thanks and have a great month!

-deb & dane street artists

January, 2001

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope and trust you are adjusted back into the groove after the holidays.

I had my first performance of the year last night in Greenfield, MA at the Home Grown Coffeehouse which was filmed and aired live on a local TV station...

It was fun and lasted one hour during which I played lots of songs and had an interview with HomeGrown host, Marc LaChance. It will air in various towns in Western Massachusetts over the following week.

I just added a new feature on my website: a guestbook! Please sign in when you visit.

I've got a couple of solo shows set up this month in Cambridge and Northampton, MA. Click here for information.

Last month I received many interested comments back about my notes on radio promotion in the record business, so I've decided to keep educating interested listeners about the biz:

Do you ever wonder how some cds have displays or are in the listening booths at major record outlets? The answer is that virtually all wall, counter and listening space in such stores is bought as promotional space. Therefore, when you see those posters on the inside or outside of Tower Records, or check out the listening booths at HMV or simply see a display set up in Walmart, that is all paid-for promotion. This is another reason why artists still want to sign with major labels despite the very disrespectful and unfair deals that those companies offer.

So how does one create record sales without all that major label money? Well people, now that I've taken on the staggering burden of being my own record company, I'll tell you it involves the support of alot of people! Word of mouth still grows the grass roots. Independent music sellers like Music Millenium in Portland, OR; Olsson's books and music in the DC area or Newbury Comics in the Boston area are very helpful to smaller labels and independent artists like myself.

Here's an invaluable way that you can help without spending a dime: write a review at the on-line stores where "eleven" is now available: and/or

"Eleven" is still at radio and your calls to request it are much appreciated. To find a station near you that is playing "eleven," click here. If you'd like to know more about the radio promotion world, read the December 2000 news immediately below.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me back, your input is highly valued.

Best wishes in 2001,


December 2000

Hey everybody,

'Eleven' is at radio and doing well. Thanks to those of you who have called to request it. Your calls do make a difference! I'm going to take some internet space here to explain this to you...

We are sending it mainly to AAA formatted stations. And mostly independent non-commercial stations. This is because most commercial stations are almost impossible to get played on. This is not because my songs are not commercial enough, just listen to "one regret" and you'll realize that's not true. It is because of the following facts about radio. Most commercial stations sell advertising to corporations who own record companies... Those companies ask in return for certain artists to be played. Did you ever wonder how radio stations get all those giveaway vacations and prizes? Many of them are given by companies that would like their records to be played in return. This is near impossible for independent artists to compete with. Add to that the fact that most stations are owned and programmed by the same few companies throughout the United States, and you start to understand why American Commercial radio is so generic.

On top of this, here are some statistics for those independents like myself who still try... Radio programmers (the music directors who decide who gets airplay) receive somewhere between 30 and 50 cds/week. Generally they have five slots per week to add to their playlists. Out of those five slots, they have the new Sting, the new Bonnie Raitt, etc, and then all the new younger artists that the major labels are actually pushing. So actually getting to be one of those five artists as an independent artist with little name power at these radio stations in near impossible.

This is where you, the consuming public who like my music, can help. I have posted a list of stations that the cd went to around the country, please continue calling the stations to request it. Just like writing to your congressman, these phone calls do actually make a difference.

I wanted also to make sure you guys understand how, when and where you can buy my records in time for your holiday gifts. You can buy 'eleven' at and at If you would like the personal touch (a signed cd) then you've got to send cash or check to me for $15. and I'll put one in the mail. For the official guide to buying my cds, click here.

Lastly, of course, for those of you who are new to this site, I do maintain and update it on my own. I very much appreciate any feedback about the site and ways to make it more accessible for you. Thanks!

Happy Holidays,


November, 2000

Hey everybody,

The good news is that "eleven" is being sent to radio stations this month. We put an "ad" date of 11/11/2000. Thinking, it might help stick in the programmers minds. We are sending it mainly to AAA formatted stations. Triple A is kind of like adult contemporary with an independent edge. You know, music that's not made to sound too LITE and EASY for you not to notice it in the background, but is still pretty pop formatted. Oh, just listen to the samples on the site and you'll see what I'm talking about...

I'm going to be putting a list of radio stations and programs where you can request the album, up on the site. Please call the stations if you want to hear my music. Just like writing to your congressman, these phone calls do actually make a difference.

If you want to buy any albums and cannot find it in your local stores you can email me, or call us at 800.398.3197, and we'll do our best to fill your order. You can also go to the how to buy cds page and follow instructions there as well.

I have really been enjoying the fall, and have a bunch of new material to perform and record. Hopefully, I'll be performing near you in the near future.

Please get out and vote.



September 2000

Hey everybody,

We'll be back at the Lizard Lounge on Friday, October 6 for another band show! Our special guest that night will be local writer David Wildman's newest band, "Fire in the Boathouse." And as Richard will be unable to be there, we have a wonderful guest bassist, Brad Hallen, who played on "eleven."

Speaking of "eleven," another cut was featured on ABC's "one life to live." So now it's all about waiting for the 'General Hospital' feature!

We decided to delay the radio promotion for 'eleven' until November. Promoting a record nationally takes much coordination and the options on how and who are endless. Especially in today's music business which is more like an anarchist cacaphonous feeding frenzy, than a business or (for that matter) a place for artistic expression.

I'm very happy because Charterhouse Promotions will be handling the radio promotion under the guidance of Biff Kennedy. There'll be more about in months to come.

As you can see, the website is still evolving. Visit the guest book and let me know you stopped by. As always, I maintain this site and can really use your feedback about its features. Thanks!



August 2000

Well, the news in August is that my band and I went into the studio and completed eleven basic tracks towards a new record. The recordings were produced and driven by Chris Rival (Paul Rishell & Annie Raines, Duke Levine, Carol Noonan). Chris also played guitar. Richard Gates (Suzanne Vega, Paula Cole, Dar Williams) played bass. Tom West (Susan Tedeschi, Jonatha Brooke) played keys. And Brian Rothwell (a really incredible player - he played on Jack in 'eleven') played drums. We had a guest acoustic bass player, Tony Summersby, playing bass on some more "jazz/blues" tracks. We came up with some really fresh sounding material and I'm really excited to share it with you. I am now in the process of getting those rough mixes turned into MP3's and I'll have them up here on the web for you to check out.

I also had a song featured on the American Broadcast of "All My Children," a couple of weeks ago and I've had a few placements on the European airing of "Passions." Slowly, but surely, I'm making it into the mainstream!

My website was chosen by the Netherland's based site as the site of the week during the first week in August just based on the webmaster of that site checking out the clips from my cd, "eleven."

We'll be back at the Lizard Lounge on Friday, August 25 at 9:30 pm. And I'm looking forward to that show. A guest band from Northampton, The Figments, will open the show. They have a wonderful honest vibe and they are old friends from college. It will be a very fun night.

I do upkeep this site, and apparently it's working, because it gets mentioned alot in reviews and such. If you have any feedback about the site, please let me know. Your feedback is extremely helpful. As always, I will try to return your emails asap when you let me know you stopped by.



June 2000

Welcome to summer everybody! I'm spending the month of June in my hometown of Boston, MA gearing up for the next few months of projects.

Firstly, in July, I will be back in the studio with the band, starting to record the next cd. It takes me about 18 months to complete a cd, so I figure if I start this one now, it should be ready to go next year. Producer Chris Rival and I are choosing which songs to include on this record. If there is a song that I perform that you would like to hear recorded, let me know by emailing to me here.

The other main project is organizing and booking tours for this fall. We are going to be sending 'eleven' to radio stations across the country and soon, you'll be able to request my songs on your local stations. We would greatly appreciate your suggestions of favorite venues, radio programs, independent record stores and reviewing publications in your town, please send them here.

My booking/management office, Dane Street Artists, is currently looking for another intern for the summer. If you know someone interested in working in the independent music business here in Boston, please contact me here.

I've taken the month off from performing in the interest of pulling together the material for the new record but I will be back later this summer as things gear up for the fall. Sales for "eleven" are going well. And if you enjoy the record, you can post a review of it here.

As always, I love your feedback about the website as I maintain it myself. Thanks for visiting and drop me a line to let me know you stopped by!



May 2000

I owe a huge thanks to all of you who came down to our release party at the Lizard Lounge! At my cd release party on Friday, April 28, we actually broke the record of number of paying attendees to the Lizard Lounge in one evening! And thanks to Ry Cavanaugh for coming down and bringing his friends Jennifer Kimball and Duke Levine to perform a wonderful guest set! It was a huge success and my band and I had so much fun performing. You guys made the vibe an incredibly positive one. Thanks for coming down!

So, now that the release party has happened here in Boston, and I am very encouraged by the local response, I am going to release the cd nationally to radio starting in August. And of course, that means touring, starting in August/September. We will be doing the booking and promoting for that starting now, and would greatly appreciate your suggestions of favorite venues, radio programs, and independent record stores in your town. If you have suggestions of where you would like to hear, see or buy the music that I perform, please send them here.

Also if you want to write a review of 'eleven' you can post it at:

Finally, I am playing a very exciting show on Saturday May 13. Richard Gates and I will be performing as a duo at at the Emerson Umbrella in Concord, MA. We will be sharing a benefit bill with Lori McKenna, Jenny Reynolds and Catie Curtis. All proceeds for this show benefit Respond, Inc., a Somerville, MA organization that aids battered women and their children. Tickets are $20 in advance and $24 at the door. To find out where to buy the tickets, press here.

Finally, if you have suggestions about this site, which I update myself, please send them here! Your feedback is very helpful!



April 2000

The news for this month is the Boston cd release party that is happening Friday, April 28 at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. The show starts at 9:00 pm and features my band, all of whom performed on "Eleven." The Lizard Lounge is located at 1667 Mass Ave in Cambridge below the Cambridge Common Restaurant. The band includes: Chris Rival, guitar, Tom West, keys, Richard Gates, bass, and Brian Rothwell, drums. Ry Cavanaugh and friends will perform a special guest set around 10:45 pm and my band will take the stage for a later set again around midnight.

Also! the record is now for sale at the following locations:

Hi Fi Records 620 Center Street Jamaica Plain
HMV Records 1 Brattle Sq. Cambridge
Newbury Comics All locations
Tower Records Newbury St, Boston
The Minor Chord, 77 Great Road, Acton, MA
The Music Place, 96 Union St., Easthampton, MA

And is also available over the internet at CDBaby.Com

Finally if you want to buy directly from me, you can send me a check of $15 to:

p.o. box 773
boston, ma 02130

and I will send the cd to you directly. If you would like the cd signed, please let me know.
At the release party, the cds will be $11!

Questions, comments? Write me! I edit the site myself so I can definitely use your suggestions!


March 2000

Dear Everyone,

Welcome to my site! I finally have figured out how to update my site with dates and all from my own computer, so if you see some sort of lack of information in any area, please contact me directly at and I will appreciate the feedback!

The big news is that "Eleven" is finished and available over the internet. Produced by Chris Rival, "Eleven" is eleven songs long. It features many of Boston's fine players including a bunch who have worked regularly in my band over the past couple of years: Chris Rival, Tom West, Richard Gates, Brian Rothwell, and more.

The local Boston-area release party for "Eleven" will be: Friday, April 28 at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA. I will be touring with the new album for much of the fall and next winter.

If you wish to purchase a copy of "Eleven," you can send me a check for $15- to:

deb pasternak
p.o. box 773
boston, ma 02130

and we will mail a copy to whomever you want it sent to! If you would like the cd signed, please indicate so in your letter, and I'll sign it to whomever you would like it signed for!

Questions? I'll answer 'em all...

Best, Deb

December, 1999

Dear Everyone,

I'm hoping that the next newsletter will let you know when and where you can buy the forthcoming cd, "Eleven." I want to have it available for the Christmas rush... A recent stopper by the studio commented after hearing a few songs: "Sounds kinda like a Derek and the Dominos record with a female singer." This thrills me to peices. If you don't know who Derek and the Dominos are, go find out, or you can email me and ask.

I am planning to record a live solo album, and that will hopefully help keep my acoustic loving audience happy. Unfortuately, that will not be available until next year, as I will have to record it over live solo performances and I haven't too many of those in the next couple of months. It has actually taken me so long to release "Eleven" that I have many new songs and there will be little overlap with the solo and the "Eleven" cds in terms of material. If you know specific songs that I perform that you would like to hear on a live solo recording, let me know, we can put it on there...

Speaking of booking live solo shows, if you want to contact me for a booking, you can do so directly at

That's about all, folks... Hope your fall is a good one.

Copyright © 2006"Very Good, Debo"/ASCAP. All rights reserved forever amen.
Photograph by © Phil Farnsworth