Credits and Links

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Don Gallagher, Webdesign

Future of Music - This is an organization that is dedicated to advocating for independent media in this increasingly corporatized world. Check out this site to learn about issues that affect the independent media performers and consumers today.

Josh Troy, drew the chick there.

Hep C Coalition, raising awareness of this common disease

Fish Records, Deb's UK distribution

Stick and Stone Studio - Custom furniture and arfful sculpture. - Make a difference.

Plum Village, Find peace.

Holy Mackerl Films - Filmmaker, Alex Rapp's company. "One Regret."

The Onion - Humor.

Strong Bad - Still More Humor.

Tom Brown Jr's, Tracker School - Have you ever wondered at the wisdom of the whole man v. nature scenario? Tom Brown has a lot to teach about living with nature instead of against it. Visit his site and open up.

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